List of sculptures of bronze by artist Clement Meadmore

Clement Meadmore (9 February 1929 – 19 April 2005) was an Australian-American sculptor known for massive outdoor steel sculptures.

Meadmore used COR-TEN steel, aluminum, and occasionally bronze to create colossal outdoor sculptures which combine the elements of abstract expressionism and minimalism


In his sculpture, Meadmore endows a single form with clarity and rigor, while at the same time conveys the complexity, expressiveness and dynamics of classic modernist sculpture which underlies Meadmore’s pursuit of a gestural or “drawn” character for his sculpture. Aside from matters of proportion, his work acquires a monumental scale and a mode of address that is engaged in rather than detached from the frankly public, occasionally heroic voice it adopts.

In a typical sculpture by Clement Meadmore, a single, rectangular volume repeatedly twists and turns upon itself before lunging into space, as if in a mood of aspiration or exhilaration, or simply to release physical forces held in tension. Meadmore’s works have always fused elements of Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism. Since Meadmore’s sculptures are often large, this impression of effortless physical grace is simultaneously underscored and called into question through the fluid signature like immediacy of their physicality.

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